Monday, June 16, 2008

Mommy, I Cut My Hair

Elijah and I were scrapbooking together when I got a phone call. After I hung up he told me he cut his hair with his scissors. I didn't believe him because I couldn't see any obvious bald spots. He insisted he did while I was on the phone and then showed me the spot. It was towards the back in the middle. I punished him by putting him in time out and told him he should never do it again. When he came out of time out he said " I'm sorry I cut my hair mommy. I wanted to look like Grandpa and he doesn't have any hair in the middle." I couldn't stay mad after that.

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Tarynne said...

how funny!! when my sister was little and my dad was watching her, she cut off all her bangs, at the scalp.......... lol. Dad still hasn't lived that one down!!